Journal of Computer Science

A Real Time Practical Approach for Multi Objective Job Shop Scheduling Using Fuzzy Logic Approach

R. Ramkumar, A. Tamilarasi and T. Devi

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2012.606.612

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 8, Issue 4

Pages 606-612


Multi objective Job Shop scheduling is a difficult task in both theoretical and practical solving issues. Problem statement: In the present scenario the modern Engineering and Industrial manufacturing units are facing lot of problems in many aspects such as machining time, raw material movement, man power requirement, electricity demand and customer satisfaction. Approach: A triangular fuzzy membership function is used to represent customer priority and due date. Results: A fuzzy rule-based system is developed which determines the study to be allocated to N number of machines with M number of Jobs in the following premise variables: size of the job, workload on the shop floor and the priority of the job. Multi objective fuzzy job shop scheduling problems are formulated as three-objective ones which not only maximize the minimum agreement index but also maximize the average agreement index and minimize the maximum fuzzy completion time. Conclusion/Recommendations: The study is analyzed on real-world data obtained from a printing company and the results are found satisfactory.


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