Journal of Computer Science

Comparison of Question Answering Systems Based on Ontology and Semantic Web in Different Environment

S. Kalaivani and K. Duraiswamy

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2012.1407.1413

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 8, Issue 9

Pages 1407-1413


Problem statement: Question Answering (QA) system is taking an important role in current search engine optimization concept. Natural language processing technique is mostly implemented in QA system for asking user’s question and several steps are also followed for conversion of questions to query form for getting an exact answer. Approach: This paper surveys different types of question answering system based on ontology and semantic web model with different query format. For comparison, the types of input, query processing method, input and output format of each system and the performance metrics with its limitations are analyzed and discussed. Our question answering for automatic learning system architecture is used to overcome the difficulties raised from the different QA models. Results: The semantic search methodology is implemented by using RDF graph in the application of data structure domain and the performance is also analyzed. Answers are retrieved from ontology using Semantic Search approach and question-to-query algorithm is evaluated in our system for analyzing performance evaluation. Conclusion: Performance of question answering system of getting exact result can be improved by using semantic search methodology for retrieving answers from ontology model. Our system successfully implements this technique and the system is also used in intelligent manner for automatic learning method.


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