Journal of Computer Science

Comment on "Method of Fingerprint Identification"

Ford Lumban Gaol

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2011.821.822

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 7, Issue 6

Pages 821-822


Problem statement: Paper that written by Surachai Panich reported matching two fingerprints taken from small database of fingerprints. Approach: In this study we used extensive literature review and research publication. We also compare with some best practices that applied in the business and industrial field for matching the fingerprints. Results: Surachai Panich used his method only for around one hundred data. However, we found that in the recent research most of the fingerprint problems are explore in million of data. I found some of the literature review are quiet old. Since the advancement of Fingerprint matching is increase very rapidly so the comparison with the recent publication is a must. The comparison has to be in the experimental using million of data as the input. We do not find such experimental result on this paper. Conclusion/Recommendations: The paper should explore more in biometrics feature extraction for matching process. The biometrics have analogy to the use of physiological or biological characteristics to measure the identity of an individual. These features are assuming unique to each individual and remain unaltered during a person’s lifetime. These features make biometrics a promising solution to the society.


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