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A Tool to Develop Arabic Handwriting Recognition System Using Genetic Approach

  • Hanan Aljuaid
  • Zulkifli Muhammad
  • Muhammad Sarfraz

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 6 No. 6, 2010, 619-624


Problem statement: Significant movement has been made in handwriting recognition technology over the last few years. Up until now, Arabic handwriting recognition systems have been limited to small and medium vocabulary applications, since most of them often rely on a database during the recognition process. The facility of dealing with large database, however, opens up many more applications. Approach: This study presented a complete system to recognize off-line Arabic handwriting image and Arabic handwriting and printed text database AHPD-UTM that used to implement and test the system. That system start from preprocessing and segmentation phases that deepened on thinning the image and found the V and H projection profile until recognition phase by genetic algorithm. Results: The genetic algorithm stand on feature extraction algorithm that defined six feature for each segment beak. The system can be recognized Arabic handwriting with 87% accuracy. The confusion and rejection rates are 8.4, those causes for several problems like characters with broken loops and character segmentation problem. Conclusion: Peak connection solved some of the segmentation problems and helped to provide better accuracy.

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Aljuaid, H., Muhammad, Z. & Sarfraz, M. (2010). A Tool to Develop Arabic Handwriting Recognition System Using Genetic Approach. Journal of Computer Science, 6(6), 619-624.



  • Arabic characters recognition
  • genetic algorithm
  • feature extraction
  • Arabic characters pattern
  • OCR
  • AOCR
  • off-line characters recognition