Journal of Computer Science

Application of Interline Power Flow Controller to Increase Transient Stability of Power System

Prechanon Kumkratug

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2010.1490.1493

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 6, Issue 12

Pages 1490-1493


Problem statement: The Interline Power Flow Controller (IPFC) is a novel device which can increase transient stability of power system. To verify the capability of the effect of IPFC on stability improvement of power system, the suitable mathematical model and control strategy of IPFC are needed to be presented. Approach: This study presented the mathematical model and control strategy of IPFC. The multi-series converters of IPFC are represented by multi-series voltage sources with associate transformer leakage reactance. The parameters of IPFC are modeled into power flow equation and thus it is used to determine control strategy. This study used Bang-Bang control strategy. The swing curves of the three phase faulted power system without and with an IPFC are tested and compared in various cases. Results: The swing curve of system without an IPFC get increased monotonically and thus the system can be considered as unstable whereas the swing curves of system with an IPFC can return to stable equilibrium point. Conclusion: The presented model of IPFC can help us to comprehend the effect of IPFC on transient stability improvement of power system. From simulation results, the IPFC can increase transient stability of power system.


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