Journal of Computer Science

An Analysis of Power Aware Congestion Control Multipath Multicast Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Network

Duraiswamy Karuppaswamy and Vijayaragavan Shanmugam

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2010.1381.1388

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 6, Issue 12

Pages 1381-1388


Problem statement: In MANETs, wireless link transmission errors, mobility and congestion are major causes for packet loss. Mobility may cause packet loss in different ways. Whereas congestion in a network occurs, whenever the demands exceed the maximum capacity of a communication link especially when multiple hosts try to access a shared media simultaneously. Approach: In this study, we proposed a Power Aware Congestion Control Multipath Multicast Protocol (PAC2M2P) for MANETs. In order to reduce the packet losses, a congestion identification scheme is proposed at the receiver. In the PAC2M2P the receiver node was made to measure the number of packets received. If the number of packets received is found to be less than allowed loss, it initiated an error message towards the source. Upon receiving the error message the source node increases the packet sent interval. Results: The PAC2M2P protocol had been implemented using the group learning module of VCR and compared with PAMPMAODV. The performance of PAC2M2P has been studied for different scenarios. For the test case 1 the PDR of PAC2M2P was increased by 2- 18% than that of PAMPMAODV algorithm. For test case 2 the PDR of PAC2M2P was increased by 2- 32% than that of PAMPMAODV algorithm. PDR of PAC2M2P was increased by 2-11% for test case 3 and 2-7% for test case 4. Conclusion/Recommendations: The average end-to-end delay and PDR parameters have been studied for different test cases. For the test cases 1 and 2, where the nodes are not mobile, the packet delivery ratio increases with increase in packet sent interval for both the sparse and dense networks. For the test cases 3 and 4, where the nodes are allowed to move in any direction with a speed of 1-10m/sec, the PDR decreases with an increase in pause time.


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