Journal of Computer Science

An EBA-Web based Application for Banking Information System

Khaldoun Mohammad Batiha

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2006.889.895

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 2, Issue 12

Pages 889-895


In the current wake of growing technology and modernization the biggest challenge remains the optimization of our time, particularly for the business executives. For the executives the vital information at their fingertips plays an important role. In the computer era, there are many financial institutions like wise banks which provide web-based application to access all their functionalities associated with particular task. An Enterprise Bank Agent (EBA) is developed, which resolves such problems being faced by user, it provides one window for that enables them to experience and enjoy the flavors of banking functionality. The key feature of this application is its ability to handle all registered Customers business requirements. In order to handle all customer services, it shall act as a smart answering machine.


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