Journal of Computer Science

Location Based Throughput Maximization Routing in Energy Constrained Mobile Ad-hoc Network

V. Sumathy, P. Narayanasamy and R. Prabhu

DOI : 10.3844/jcssp.2006.59.62

Journal of Computer Science

Volume 2, Issue 1

Pages 59-62


In wireless Ad-hoc network, power consumption becomes an important issue due to limited battery power. One of the reasons for energy expenditure in this network is irregularly distributed node pattern, which impose large interference range in certain area. To maximize the lifetime of ad-hoc mobile network, the power consumption rate of each node must be evenly distributed and the over all transmission range of each node must be minimized. Our protocol, Location based throughput maximization routing in energy constrained Ad-hoc network finds routing paths, which maximize the lifetime of individual nodes and minimize the total transmission energy consumption. The life of the entire network is increased and the network throughput is also increased. The reliability of the path is also increased. Location based energy constrained routing finds the distance between the nodes. Based on the distance the transmission power required is calculated and dynamically reduces the total transmission energy.


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