Journal of Aircraft and Spacecraft Technology

On a New Equation for the Design and Development of Space Launch Vehicles

Zaheen Abdur Rahman

DOI : 10.3844/jastsp.2018.80.84

Journal of Aircraft and Spacecraft Technology

Volume 2, 2018

Pages 80-84


It is a general consensus amongst the global scientific community that space is the final frontier for human exploration. It has also been reasoned by them that in order to survive in this hostile universe, humanity has to become a multi-planetary species. For that reason, according to calculations made after mapping the human genome, over 10,000 people are needed to start off an independent space colony, taking into account the inhospitality of space and human beings' relatively slow speed of evolution in such conditions. As of date, there have been very few equations regarding this issue, such as the Tsiolkovsky Rocket Equation, and the author regards his equation to be the pinnacle of space launch vehicle design. Taking into consideration the costs of carrying so many people and their supplies, it would be enormously helpful if a single equation could be used to develop the whole rocket, as it would not only reduce development and testing costs, but launch costs as well, and that is exactly what this article intends to provide.


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