Current Research in Drug Discovery


Mariafrancesca Scalise, Lorena Pochini, Michele Galluccio and Cesare Indiveri

DOI : 10.3844/crddsp.2014.1.16

Current Research in Drug Discovery

Volume 1, Issue 1

Pages 1-16


Administered drugs interact with membrane transporters of epithelia, Blood Brain Barrier and other districts influencing their delivery and efficacy. Drugs can also be used as inhibitors of transporters involved in human pathology. Drug-transporter interactions are responsible of off-target effects contributing to toxicity. High Throughput Screening technologies increased the potential applications in therapy or in predicting side effects. These strategies will be helpful in reducing animal experimentation. The identification of transporters important for drug absorption, delivery and side effect production and the best technologies for studying interactions are the main goals in this field. Amino acid transporters are not yet considered in human therapy in spite of their involvement in several pathologies. The function of the amino acid transporters EAAT1, ASCT2, GLYT2, GLYT1, B0AT1, LAT1 and LAT2 is so far well characterized. Some structural data on these transporters have also been obtained by bioinformatics. Interactions of these proteins with several drugs have been well defined at the molecular level. Large scale and, in some cases, high throughput screening of pharmacological compounds make these transporters of particular interest and potential application in human health.


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