American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Evaluation the Anaerobic Digestion Performance of Organic Waste from a Landfill in Morocco

Fatima Ebich, Rajae Ramdan and Azzouz Essamri

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2017.351.357

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 13, Issue 5

Pages 351-357


Organic household waste has a high organic content (69 g/kg), value of pH equal to 6,3 with 94% of moisture. Anaerobic digestion is one of the technologies for recycling and stabilization of organic waste, the process is carried out in 3L reactor at semi continuous and mesophelic conditions. During the anaerobic digestion of OHW, pH was around neutrality (between 6,5 and 8), a decrease of alkalinity was observed reaching a value of 900 mg CaCo3/L), total and volatile solid were accumulated at the end of the experiment. Result of biogas production indicates that a higher methane yield was obtained for the load 0,5 g VS/L, methanogenic potential for the anaerobic digestion of OHW was 0,15LSTP/g VS.


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