American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Time Dimension Parameters of the Dual-Porosity Reservoir Determination using Periodic Hydraulic Pulse Testing

Marat Ovchinnikov and Kushtanova Galiya Gatinishna

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2016.328.333

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 12, Issue 5

Pages 328-333


The process of periodic hydraulic pulses propagation in porous fractured media of dual-porosity near a vertical well is considered. Using the calculation data as the base, it is shown that the effect of the time dimension constant on the form of the filtration wave curves is essential. The conclusions on possibility of hydrodynamic model types verification which adequately describe the filtration flows in considered media. The method for calculation of the dimensional time constants in equations for the non-stationary filtration is proposed.


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