American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Physic-Geographic Factors of Oil Development in the Chechen Republic

Umar Tashadievich Gayrabekov, Alexey Nikolaevich Gunja and Tumisha Khamidovna Bachaeva

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2014.575.580

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 10, Issue 6

Pages 575-580


Oil development in the Chechen Republic for a long time has led to formation of widespread and inwardly heterogeneous area of oil development business impact on the natural complexes in the neighborhood. Therefore, authors have set the goal of detecting physic-geographical factors of the area where oil has been intensively developed for almost two centuries. The research made by the authors showed that the most widespread technogenic loads are related to many technical objects-wells, intra-and inter-oilfield oil ducts, pits, sediment basins, etc. These technical facilities that are served by Oil and Gas Production Units (OGPU) are the most powerful sources of impact on the landscape structure. Basing on analysis of materials of the field study, map-making, statistical and find materials, the authors managed to identify physic-geographical factors of oil production in the Chechen Republic that are manifested in concentration in certain narrow landscape units of certain oil production facilities. Technogenic loads on the landscape are related to it. Detailed study of worked-out pits made at the territory of the republic showed that accumulated drilling waste in its composition and physic-chemical properties are sources of environment pollution. Sludge storage pits made with violation of ecological requirements may filter and allow liquid fractions of drilling waste through walls and bottom of pits. Confinedness of oil deposits to submontane and montane zone of the republic, according to authors’ opinion, defines the necessity of developing special methodological approaches to the analysis and assessment of the impact of oil production facilities in the fragile and dynamic mountain landscapes.


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