American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Birds as a Tool for Island Habitat Conservation and Management

Pedro Rodrigues and Regina T.D. Cunha

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2012.5.10

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 8, Issue 1

Pages 5-10


Problem statement: The Azores is a archipelago of nine volcanic islands, situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. Oceanic islands are known hotspots of biodiversity and the Azores, although relatively young (0.3-13 MA), conform to this general pattern. The local avifauna amount to 37 birding species, with two endemic species and 11 endemic subspecies. With an estimated population of 240,000 inhabitants, with increasing needs, most of the natural habitats that support bird populations are under a constant pressure. The use of bird distribution and species richness could be used as a suitable tool for management and would also be effective when applied in other archipelagos. Approach: In the course of the Bionatura project, the Atlantis Tierra 2.0 software provided the storage of biological data from all the islands, including the avifauna, in a 500


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