American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Sustainable Development through Waste Heat Recovery

P. S. Bundela and Vivek Chawla

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2010.83.89

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 6, Issue 1

Pages 83-89


Problem statement: Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) steam Technology is a proven Technology pioneered by Japanese for cement plant and it is economically viable. Electrical Power can be generated by adopting the latest technology in this field. It used a medium to low temperature (120-350°C) Turbine technology (standard thermal power plants run on steam temp-500°C). Approach: It requires treat exchangers (Hx) designed for high dust load, no additional fuel is required Kymore Cement Works has proposed to install a power plant of 9 MW which will be operated with the recovered waste heat from the clinker coolers and kilns from its both clinker units. The hot air from cooler and kiln passes through the ESP is taken to the waste heat recovery exchangers. Adequate size of heat-exchangers will be located at proper locations in order to achieve optimum temperature of Thermic Oil from waste gases. Conclusion/Recommendations: This is required for optimal power yield. The hot flue gases will pass through a Heat Exchanger by which the temperature (heat of the waste gas is transferred to the internal elements of the heat exchangers which is used for heating of the thermo oil. In turn this thermal oil vaporizes the organic fluid in close loop cycle. Multi level pressure turbine system will be installed which increases usable heat content resulting in higher power output. The turbine will be run by the organic vapors to generate the electrical energy. The system of oil collection, oil transfer to the vaporizer and its recycling process will be made for the complete recycling of the thermal oil.


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