American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Solar Radiation at Total Solar Eclipse, 29-March 2006, at Tobruq

A. H. Hassan and U. Ali Rahoma

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2010.449.454

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 6, Issue 5

Pages 449-454


Problem statement: Measurement of the different components of solar radiation and fractions of these components for the global (horizontal and tracker), direct (white and three colors, yellow, red and infrared) and diffuse solar radiation during the solar eclipse, 29 March 2006 at Tobruq, Libya (Lat. 32.08°N and Long. 23.98°E). The time interval of solar eclipse was 2 h: 40 m and the maximum magnitude of eclipse at this region was 0.995. Conclusion: The results showed that the maximum percent of color in the total direct solar radiation during the true eclipse from the first contact to the end contact was in the infrared, where the percent were in the green (11.74%), yellow (15.69%), red (14.88%) and infrared (57.68%).


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