American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Ozone Treatment of Animal Manure for Odor Control

Fahad Nasser Alkoaik

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2009.765.771

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 5, Issue 6

Pages 765-771


Problem statement: The effectiveness of ozone in reducing odor emission from liquid animal manure was evaluated under batch and continuous treatment operations. Results: The results indicated that the use of ozone for the treatment of animal manure proved to be effective in reducing the odor offensiveness. A minimum 3.4 level out of 10 (66% reduction) was achieved in the continuous operation; while a minimum of 3.1 (69% reduction) was achieved in the batch operation. Increasing the level of ozone (O3) increased the level of offensiveness which was attributed to the presence of intermediate products due to the interaction between ozone and hydrogen sulfide and methylamine. Conclusion: The cost analysis indicated that the treatment is economical as a ton of manure could be treated at a cost of $ 0.23.


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