American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Necessary Geomorphologic Information For Roads Safety, With Emphasize Soleghan Road In West Of Tehran, Iran

Ebrahim Moghimi

DOI : 10.3844/ajessp.2007.199.204

American Journal of Environmental Sciences

Volume 3, Issue 4

Pages 199-204


This paper review some of the aspects of necessary disciplines of geomorphology and roads, with emphasize Soleghan road. For building this road didn’t consider geomorphology process carefully. so the safety rang of the road is low and with consider to increasing traffic, the rang of danger is high. Specific subjects are related to the description of slops phenomena, including rock fall, block slide, rock creep, talus creep, debris flow, rock avalanches and floods. The river process, sloop steep, joint and fault system are the most important geomorphologic information of the Soleghan road. Soleghan road have been studied in this view and thus provide information which take the basis of stability road. Every road in Iran or world can include one or some important process, so some information is needed. More than half of Iran and world roads have built about before 1970, when the geomorphologic education and research was in the early of stage. Therefore many of Iran and world roads such as Soleghan road haven’t built with new geomorphologic and basic information. Too more damages which in order to geomorphologic process exposed to roads, people and cars in Iran and world such as Soleghan road are increased. Many flood and slumps destroyed built roads, many people and cars, damage or crash to ignoring the geomorphologic information, thus if we use geomorphologic information in road building, damage and crashes will be decreased, so safety will be increase.


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