American Journal of Applied Sciences

Improving Routing Discovery Based Velocity-Aware Probabilistic Using AODV with Link Prediction in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Zaid Bassfar

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2017.772.778

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 14, Issue 8

Pages 772-778


The current process associated with enhancing the QoS in routing for MANETs has reserved a high importance due to the limitation of available route discovery in dynamic topology. The conventional methods of route discovery schemes in MANETs are commonly designed in order to estimate the number of nodes in routes using the standard probabilistic models. Such models are utilized by estimating the flood in a network using the RREQ packets. However, the current development in mobility, frequent breakages become more common which as a result lead to relocate the properties of same routes. As such, the network may experience additional demands for channel contention and high packets collision rate. For this, we proposed a new scheme for enhancing the routing discovery based velocity-aware probabilistic using AODV properties with link prediction in MANETs. The result of the new scheme was found to outperform the old one in which it offers better ROH, throughput and delay time. This study provides an important insight for predicting the routing failure in a network when using the velocity-aware probabilistic scheme alone.


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