American Journal of Applied Sciences

A Certain Subclass of Meromorphically Multivalent Analytic Functions with Negative Coefficients

M.Z. Ahmad, Hiba F. Al-Janaby and Rabha W. Ibrahim

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2015.606.615

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 12, Issue 9

Pages 606-615


The paper aims to introduce a certain subclass S*g(A,B,α,p,j) of the class Σ*(p) of meromorphically multivalent functions with negative coefficients, defined by using the definitions of Hadamard product and subordination for two functions belong to the class Σ*(p). We first investigate the geometric characterization property, giving the coefficient estimates for functions in the class S*g(A,B,α,p,j). We also obtain the distortion theorem, radii of meromorphically p-valent starlikeness and convexity of order (0≤γ<p), neighborhood property, partial sums, convolution properties as well as integral operator and integral representation.


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