American Journal of Applied Sciences

Flow Based Algorithm

T. Karpagam, V. J. Sudhakar, N. Arunsankar and M. Dhanasekaran

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2012.238.239

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 9, Issue 2

Pages 238-239


Problem statement: Network topology design problems find application in several real life scenario. Approach: Most designs in the past either optimize for a single criterion like shortest or cost minimization or maximum flow. Results: This study discussed about solving a multi objective network topology design problem for a realistic traffic model specifically in the pipeline transportation. Here flow based algorithm focusing to transport liquid goods with maximum capacity with shortest distance, this algorithm developed with the sense of basic pert and critical path method. Conclusion/Recommendations: This flow based algorithm helps to give optimal result for transporting maximum capacity with minimum cost. It could be used in the juice factory, milk industry and its best alternate for the vehicle routing problem.


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