American Journal of Applied Sciences

Positron Annihilation Study on Nickel and Iron Nano-Particles in Natural Rubber Composites

Emad Hassan Aly

DOI : 10.3844/ajassp.2011.147.155

American Journal of Applied Sciences

Volume 8, Issue 2

Pages 147-155


Problem statement: The effect of Ni and Fe nano-particles as a filler on the free volume properties Of Natural Rubber (NR) was studied using Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy (PALS). Approach: The PAL measurements revealed that the free volume properties are strongly affected by the amount and type of filler. Results: Particularly speaking, the free volume fraction dramatically decreased by increasing the filler content. Besides, the addition of nano-prticles created new positron trapping sites at filler-rubber interfaces. Furthermore, correlations were made between the free volume hole sizes (Vh) and each of the mechanical and electrical properties successively. A negative correlation was observed between Vh and hardness in the Ni-rubber composites while a positive counterpart was found in the case of Fe-rubber composites. Finally, the polarity of the fillers, being higher than that of the rubber itself, leads to an increase in electrical parameters and an inhibition of o-Ps formation. Conclusion: These results indicate that the investigated composites are considered to be insulating materials as their conductivity values are in the order of an insulator range.


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